TrainingForce 7 now available

Oak Tree Systems is pleased to announce the availability of TrainingForce 7, the latest generation of the TrainingForce Learning Management System.  Below is a quick Q&A regarding the latest release:
Q.  What's new and different?
A.  New interfaces and improved features.  more...
Q.  Is the upgrade to TrainingForce 7 automatic?
A.  No.  We schedule the upgrade with customers and also provide a test environment with a copy of production data for an evaluation period.
Q.  How long will the previous version of TrainingForce (6) be supported?
A.  We will continue to support TrainingForce 6 but new development is occurring in TrainingForce 7.
Q.  We make use of TrainingForce 6 web services.  Do we need to change our code to use TrainingForce 7?
A.  No.  The TrainingForce 6 web services work with TrainingForce 7 without modification.
Q.  What's the #1 thing that I should be aware of after upgrading to TrainingForce 7?
A.  The LaunchPad web site (portal).  We have made efforts to support existing style modifications (CSS) but the CSS classes have changed and your customization may require updating.  We're happy to help with any design issues that may arise.  
Q.  How long with the upgrade be available?  How soon do I need to schedule the upgrade?
A.  We recommend you schedule the upgrade during a lull in activity, when you time to ramp up on the new interfaces and make any styling changes desired.  Typically, we put a test version of the production database online to give you a chance to see the upgrade before actually committing to the upgrade.  Generally, changes made in the test site are not replicated to the production site with one exception.  Styling changes to your LaunchPad site will be migrated to the production database on the upgrade.  This gives you the ability to style your LaunchPad site before upgrading and not lose your changes.
Q.  I upgraded but want to return to the previous version.  Possible?
A.  Yes.  Although we believe the upgrade brings valuable improvements, you can revert to the previous version of TrainingForce at any time.  And we will continue to support the previous version as long as customers are using that version.
If you have any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions, please contact us.
We would like to extend our thanks to you for the many suggestions, feedback, and support over the years.  We are profoundly grateful and look forward to the years to come.