Custom Instructions and Help for TrainingForce LaunchPad

To modify page instructions and help text, log into TrainingForce LaunchPad™ using the system administrator account and provide all permissions on the Help object for a user group.  Log out of TrainingForce LaunchPad™ as the system administrator and log in again as a member of the group to which access to the Help object has been granted.
For users with update permissions for the Help object, edit hyperlinks will be enabled on each TrainingForce LaunchPad™ page.
To modify the instructions and help for the page, click either of the enabled hyperlinks.  The Instructions and Help form will be displayed.
The instructions appear after the page header and before input or list areas.  The help text appears below input or list areas and above the page footer.  Enter the text to display in these areas in the appropriate fields of the Instructions and Help form.  
Click the “Save” button to save the instructions and help text.

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