What's new in TrainingForce 7

TrainingForce 7 is the latest evolution of the TrainingForce Learning Management Solution and brings new features and improvements to existing features in a new, responsive environment.  This post briefly introduces the changes in TrainingForce for existing customers.

System-wide change

A new parameter, Show Finance Options, has been added to TrainingForce Manager Site options that applies to both TrainingForce Manager and TrainingForce LaunchPad.  When "Show Finance Options" is enabled, TrainingForce will provide for pricing, purchasing and payment options as found in previous versions of TrainingForce.  When "Show Finance Options" is disabled, TrainingForce will no longer prompt for prices, payments, or any other finance-related options (in both TrainingForce Manager and TrainingForce LaunchPad.  The default value for Show Finance Options is disabled.  Training centers that may charge for services should enable the site setting "Show Finance Options".  more...

New in TrainingForce Manager

  • Start page.  New start page includes upcoming classes, recent registrations and completions, calendar with filter support, request, reviews and discussions.  Previous 2 versions of start page are also available as a preference.
  • Detail results from online completions.  For online classes, the "experience" hyperlink from the registrants list shows all course attempts, attempt dates and times, and interactions posted.  more...
  • Added suppress in range option for scheduled event responses.  For example, class reminder emails sent 3 days before a class begins may be suppressed if the class begins within 3 days from the date that triggered the event.
  • Document template preview with sample data for document templates.  Document templates can be previewed with sample data from the any form that allows for selection of a template (click the "eye" icon to view the sample document).
  • New event responses for discussions and reviews.  Participants in reviews and discussions can be automatically emailed based on activity.
  • New document template types for discussion and review event responses.
  • TrainingForce Quest now supports subsets of questions and random presentation of questions.
  • Class reminder document template can now be specified at the course and class level.
  • New responsive user interface is tablet friendly.
  • Job Title has been renamed Job Classification.
  • Order instructions (checkout instructions) are automatically written to registration notes and included with class exports of registrants to CSV format.

New in TrainingForce LaunchPad

  • Customized portal landing page.  The portal landing page for authenticated users is user-defined page with custom content.  A default page is included.
  • Prerequisites link on course list.  A new preference allows for adding a link to course prerequisites directly from the list of courses.
  • New responsive interface is tablet friendly.
  • Instructor biography displayed with instructor photo.

Changes to TrainingForce Manager

  • One owner type for coordinators, instructors, students, and staff.  more...
  • Finance menu setup options moved to Setup menu.  Finance menu dropped.
  • Self-hosted staff members use email address when logging into TrainingForce Manager (existing user names are still supported).
  • Pricing and values moved to related view.
  • Training coordinator active organization logic has changed -- training coordinators may need to re-select their active organization.
  • Certificates are now attached as PDF files.  New class certificate announcement document type.  more... 
  • The course questions logic has changed.  Display order has changed as well as statuses.  more...
  • For instructors, the Class Date Assignment Template and the Class Slot Assignment Template logic has changed and sites that specify the these templates at the Instructor-level will need to update these values after the update to TrainingForce 7.

Changes to TrainingForce LaunchPad

  • Require address preference is default false, meaning address information will not be prompted.
  • Require phone numbers preference is default false, meaning phone numbers will not be prompted.
  • Show prerequisites link preference is default false, meaning direct link to course prerequisites is not shown in the course list.
  • Show password reminder prompt preference is default false, meaning users are not prompted for password questions and answers (depreciated).
  • Training coordinators have new "Assign" button, indicating the training coordinator is assigning others to the selected class or education program schedule.
  • New CSS styling has been implemented.  Sites that have modified the default CSS will need to update to the new CSS classes.

Discontinued in TrainingForce Manager

  • Master certifications.
  • Classic calendars.
  • Material vendor record.
  • Default career options for sites without TrainingForce PowerPack.
  • Direct credit card processing.

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