Pictures in Document Templates are not showing up in emails.

If you have uploaded images using the Document Template image tool, you will notice that the images are only visible in the TrainingForce products.
To have the images show up in emails and in other remotely accessed places, you will need to modify the HTML of the Document Template to set the image's URL path to be a full path instead of a partial one.  Follow these steps to do that:
1.  Click on <> at the bottom of the editor to display the HTML.
2.  Locate your image by looking for a set of tags that looks similar to the following:
<img src='partial url here' >
<img src='/5/manager/uploads/105/Images/example.jpg'>
3.  Modify the url to be a full URL by adding the following in front of the /5 or whatever appears at the beginning of the partial URL:
4.  The updated html should look like the following:
<img src=''>
5.  Save the form to persist your changes.

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