Send registration confirmations automatically

To automatically send out registration confirmation notices:
1. Log into TrainingForce Manager™ using the System administrator account.
2. Under Setup, click Event Categories.
3. In the Event Categories list, click Registration.
4. Click New Event Response button.
5. From the Event drop down field, choose Registration Received (registered).
6. Leave Action field at the default which is E-mail document.
7. Enter a description for the response. (eg: Registration Received)
8. Choose Run option: Immediately or Schedule.
9. Click Save.
Action tabs will display to right of Event response information form
10. For Recipents, click assign tab, choose registrant. Click Assign button, then Save.
11. For Copy to: leave empty.
12. For Sender: must assign cast member with valid e-mail address, click assign button, then Save.
13. For Document subject use Registration Confirmed, choose Document Type of Registration Confirmation, choose Document Template of Class confirmation letter, click save.
Once a registration takes place, system will send out confirmation letter to registrant if registrant entered a valid e-mail address.

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