Using an Acceptance Page

The ability to add an acceptance page is a new feature added to TrainingForce. A specific page is displayed with an [Accept] or [Decline] button when a user first logs in to TrainingForce LaunchPad.
  1. Log into TrainingForce LaunchPad as the System Administrator.  Create the page that contains the language you wish the person logging in to accept or decline.  The page must be created and saved as draft prior to enabling the Preference. The page must have a status of published in order for it to be displayed.
  2. Go to Administration, Preferences.
  3. On the lower right, set "Enable Acceptance Page" to "Yes".
  4. Click on the "Acceptance" tab at the top of the information page. Select the page you created in step 1.  You should also specify a web site URL that the person will be redirected to if decline the page.
  5. Click [Save].  The next time a user logs in, they will be presented with the acceptance page.
NOTE:   Anytime a new Acceptance Page is selected, every user will be prompted to Accept/Decline the next time he or she logs back into the site.

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