Modifying Report Themes

TrainingForce allows the administrator to create report themes by modifying color selections and uploading a default logo for use on reports.
  1. Go to Admin, Site Settings.
  2. Choose the Reports tab.
  3. To modify a color, simply select the drop-down color picker or type a hexadecimal color value directly into the text field.  To add an image, click on the Upload icon next to the "Report Logo" area. Specify the logo file from your computer. A JPG, GIF or PNG image with a maximum size of 180 pixels by 70 pixels works best.
  4. A dialog box opens. Navigate to the appropriate directory and select the file from the list.
  5. You will be returned to the Site Settings page.Your changes will be reflected in the live preview section on the lower half of the page.
Click [SAVE].

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