Using LaunchPad Themes

LaunchPad includes 12 standard color themes that can be set by the LaunchPad System Admininstrator. Theme colors can also be customized by the LaunchPad Administrator.
These themes are accessible within LaunchPad using the Administration, Themes menu.
From the Themes menu, select "Custom".
The Custom Theme page allows you to quickly modify LaunchPad's color theme.  Select a preset from the drop-down menu. Once a preset is selected, it can be modified to meet your specific needs. If you know the hexadecimal value of the color, you can enter it directly into the text box.
An alternative to directly entering the hexadecimal value is to use the color selector by clicking the down arrow beside the color box.
Colors can be selected using the pallet or by entering RGB or HSV values. Select [Apply] to store your color selection, then [SAVE] once all colors are set correctly.
Clicking on the Advanced tab allows the administrator to insert changes directly into your site's cascading style sheet (CSS).

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