Using Resources & Resource Slots with a Class

TrainingForce includes a powerful tool for scheduling resources in support of class activity.
 To use resources and resource slots with a class:
  1. Within TrainingForce Manager, first be sure all the resources you need to allocate are set up.  Go to Setup, Resources. 
  2. Navigate to the specific class for which resource allocation will be used.
  3. On the information form, select the "Resources" tab.
  4. In the hidden input area, click on "Add Resource Slots to Class".
  5. Select the resource that will be assigned from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the affected class date from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the duration of the slot. There are three choices:
  • -- One slot per class date
  • -- Slot blocks, which allow a the class to be split into slots of specified minutes
  • -- Specific slot, which allows selection of specific start and end times for the slot
Click "Assign" to create the slot blocks within the class.
Once the slots are created, they can be assigned to students and instructors associated with the class.
  1. From the "Resources" tab on the class information form, click on "Make Slot Assignment".
  2. Select the individual from the "Assign" list and the corresponding slot from the "To slot" drop down list.
  3. Click "Assign"
Slot assignments are visible in TrainingForce Manager and LaunchPad.

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