Sending Automated Class Reminder Notices using Attendant

TrainingForce can automatically send e-mails to remind students of an upcoming class.
  1. From within TrainingForce Manager, navigate to Setup, System, Document Templates.
  2. Select "New Document Template"
  3. Enter a description (Class Reminder Notice).
  4. Set the document type to "Class, Other".
  5. Create the document. Remember that reminders should be generic; insert specific information using merge fields.
  6. Save the document template.
  7. Navigate to Admin, Event Categories, Registration.
  8. Click "New Event Response".
  9. Select "Registration received (registered)" as the triggering Event.  This ensures that the reminder is only sent to fully registered attendees.
  10. Be sure the box next to "Enable" is checked.
  11. The action should be "E-mail document".
  12. Type an appropriate description for the response. (Class Reminder - 1 Day Before)
  13. Select "Schedule" under the Run heading. Enter the options for the reminder (1 day before Date class begins).
  14. Specify a time the event response should run and click "Save". The navigation tabs on the information form will be updated.
  15. Go to the Recipients tab and select "Registrants" from the drop-down menu. Click the "Assign" button.
  16. Navigate to the Sender tab; select the role and name of the person sending the e-mail and click "Assign".
  17. Go to the Document tab. Specify a subject for the e-mail - use a generic statement like "Your Upcoming Training".  Select "Class, Other" from the document type. Select the appropriate document template from the drop-down (Class Reminder Notice).
  18. Click "Save".

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