Automating Class Completion Using an Exam

TrainingForce can automate completion of a class using an examination.
  1. Create the examination that will be used to complete the class.
  2. In TrainingForce Manager, navigate to the appropriate class.
  3. Select Questionnaires from the Related Links menu.
  4. Click on Post Questionnaire.
  5. Select the appropriate questionnaire (the one created in step 1) from the drop-down menu.
  6. Set the time frame for the exams availability.
  7. In the Response Limit field, specify the number of attempts a user will be allowed to take the Exam. Entering 0 means a student can attempt the exam an unlimited number of times.
  8. Set the desired behavior for the questionnaire. At the class level, you have three options
  • Record history only: does not affect class completion status
  • Completing questionnaire completes class: completing the exam records the student grade and marks the class as completed. Whether the student passes or fails the exam is not considered.
  • Completing questionnaire successfully (passed) completes class: If the student achieves a passing score on the exam, the class is considered completed.
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