Launching Class Content Located Elsewhere

The Launch tab becomes available if a Class is taught On-line.  This is useful if a  To provide information to registrants, parameters can be added to the Class.  Parameters can be login credentials, URLs to additional information, or any number of other things.  Parameters can be included in Class correspondence.
Expand the "Add Launch Parameters to Class" hidden input area to specify parameters.
Specify a brief, up to 50 characters, description of the Parameter.
Specify a brief, up to 255 characters, value for the Parameter. 
Launch type
The means of launching the Internet Self-paced Class is selected from the Launch type field.
Type / Description
Not launched / The registrants will be sent applicable information in the Class correspondence.
URL with fixed parameters / The Class has a specific URL that registrants need to go to so they can view and/or interact with the Class content. Additional information may be included in Class correspondence.
Launch URL
The launch URL is the web site the registrant visits to take the Class.

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