Set up segregated Staff Members with varying levels of permission in TrainingForce Manager.

If you want to create different levels of permissions within your Staff Members in TrainingForce, you will need to use Groups, and you will have to set up your base Staff Member group to have next to no permissions or no permissions at all.
1. Remove any permissions from the Staff Member group that the limited users do not need access to in the system or remove all permissions if you want to fully transition to Group based permissions. This is done by selecting Permissions on the Admin menu.
2. Create a Group called Standard User by going to a Staff Member's Information Form and using the Group Tab to add a group.  Apply the Group to all Staff Members who will need the Standard User access.
3. If you have not already done so, add the new user as a Staff Member. Create a Limited Role Access Group for them and assign them to it.
4. Go back to the Permissions and modify the permissions for the two new Groups (Standard User & Limited Role Access) to enable them to do what you want them to do.
The permission changes will take effect the next time the users log in to the system.

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