Use Invoicing Frequency to affect the invoice date of purchased items

When the payment method of 'invoice organization' is selected, TrainingForce will queue the purchased item(s) to appear on the next generated invoice for the organization.  The next time a user generates invoices, the purchased item will appear.

Some customers prefer to be invoiced on regular intervals instead of on-demand (default).  The Invoicing frequency field is used to specify interval in which an organization is to be invoiced.

Note:  Only Organizations have invoicing frequency.  Students and instructors are invoiced on demand.

To invoice weekly, on a specific day:

1.  Enter the day of the week on which invoices are to be generated.  To gather all invoiced purchases onto a single invoice that is generated on Wednesdays, enter 'Wednesday' or 'Wed'.

To invoice once or more per month:

1.  Enter the day or days of the month in which invoices are to be generated.  For example, to invoice on the 1st and 16th of the month, enter 1,16.  The invoicing frequency should contain no spaces.

Important Note:

Specifying a value for invoicing frequency does not create an automated invoicing process.  The Invoice Wizard will need to be run once per day to gather any invoices that are due to be invoiced on the current day.

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